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I specialized in Contemporary History during my university career and graduated with first-class degrees (BA and MA) in Historical Sciences. These courses gave me a grounding in European History. They provided me with the key skills required for historical research, particularly in terms of studying and interpreting archival documents. I developed a strong interest in Social and Political History, especially for the first decades of Republican Italy. In December 2016, I submitted my BA thesis, The Republican Welfare State: The Italian Institute of Social Security and its administrative board between 1944 and 1969 (110/110 cum Laude).
After my bachelor’s degree, I pursued a master’s degree in history, which I completed in June 2020 with a thesis entitled The Republic’s pensions: an historical analysis of the Italian retirement system, 1944-1969, (110/110 cum Laude).
I took part in the Erasmus Mobility project two times between 2017 and 2019. The former experience was an internship at the University of Leicester (East Midlands Oral History Archive), where I carried out valuable and productive work. The latter took place within the Erasmus Exchange Programme at the University of Leeds – School of History. I achieved excellent academic results, as well as enhancing my historical knowledge and methodological skills. These experiences have also allowed me to develop my knowledge and understanding of the international dimension of my work. I am currently a member of the ASMI (Association for the Study of Modern Italy).